AIA Silicon Valley Home Tours

Home Tours has wrapped up for 2023. Stay tuned for updates on the 2024 Home Tours.

Open to the public, this self-guided tour is a celebration of residential homes designed by licensed architects. The dwellings featured are cutting edge, modern in design, imaginative in the uses and blends of materials, and sensitive to both surrounding neighbors and the environment.

Through teamwork, collaboration, and a shared vision, the licensed architects bring their homeowners dreams to reality.


  • Deadline to Submit: March 25, 2024

  • HOME TOUR DATE: September 14, 2024


Our Home Tours committee is now accepting applications for homes to include in 2023’s tour. Please review the submission guidelines before starting an application below.

What makes the AIA Silicon Valley Home Tours different than other home tours?

The Silicon Valley Home Tour was created to showcase the talents of Bay Area residential architects and to educate homeowners about the benefits of working with an architect. Attendees can see the transformation of ordinary living spaces into responsive, tailored, domestic environments using a variety of design solutions.

This is a unique opportunity for residential architects to highlight unique designs and demonstrate how an architect can provide homeowners with a high level of creative and personal solutions. This is an excellent venue to provide the community with insight from an architect’s point of view, see Silicon Valley housing trends, to inspire and be inspired.

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