In addition to fulfilling other requirements on the path to becoming a licensed architect, professional candidates must complete the Architect Registration Examination (ARE), followed by the California Supplemental Examination (CSE).

Architect Registration Exam (ARE)

One of the primary requirements for becoming a licensed architect is passing the Architect Registration Exam (ARE). The exam covers six practice areas: practice management, project management, programming and analysis, project planning and design, project development and documentation, and construction evaluation, preparing you for professional practice in the US. For more information and to start your eligibility, please visit

California Supplemental Exam (CSE)

In addition to the Architect Registration Examination (ARE), the California Architects Board (Board) requires the California Supplemental Examination (CSE) for licensure. The CSE ensures that candidates are able to demonstrate minimum standards of competency and necessary architectural knowledge and skills to respond to the unique requirements and conditions in California.

For more information, the CA Architects Board recommends reviewing: