AIA Silicon Valley Committees


The Chapter’s committees are the backbone of our organization. When you join committees, your perspectives and actions help to identify issues and develop positions on issues important to both the profession and our members. Our Chapter work affects professional architectural practice and the image of architects while also serving the public.


To join an AIA Silicon Valley committee please fill out a volunteer form and the appropriate committee chair will reach out to you.



Advocacy Committee

Chair: Open



Associates & Emerging Professionals Committee

Provides a forum for associates to cross-communicate with practicing architects and to train and transition effectively into the profession. Assists in preparation for the Architect Registration Exams (ARE) and California Supplemental Exam (CSE). 


Chair: Karissa Patel, AIA



Membership Committee

The goal is to promote and maintain membership in the AIA Silicon Valley Chapter. Creates, organizes and manages programs to promote, encourage and recruit members to Chapter committee and activity involvement.


Chair: Natalie Thomas, AIA



Programs Committee

Organizes and manages monthly meeting programs with topics and locations based on the interests of a majority of our Chapter members.


Chair: Steve Sowa, AIA



Scholarship Committee

Organizes, manages and oversees the scholarship awards program and related fundraising.


Chair: Amy Ress



Corporate Partners Committee

Promotes and organizes the membership of and activities with selected allied professionals to foster greater interaction between them and our architect members.


Chair: Michael Dern, AIA



COTE (Committee on the Environment)

Promotes stewardship of the environment as a role of the Architect and provides to the membership and the public information, expertise, education and networking on green building and sustainable design practices.


Chair:  Keith Blaine, AIA



Fellows Committee

Aids in the selection of appropriate Chapter members for advancement to fellowship according to criteria established by AIA.


Chair: Pamela Anderson-Brulé, FAIA



Women In Architecture Committee

The Women in Architecture Committee (WIA) is composed of women architects and allies in the Chapter for the purpose of increasing the incidence and visibility of women in architecture and in related design and construction industries. Visit WIA's website.


Chair:  Annalee Groner, AIA

CRAN Committee

The Custom Residential Architect Network Committee (CRAN) this committee is composed of licensed architects residing or working in Santa Clara County who’s practice focuses primarily on custom residential projects, especially single family homes for the purpose of developing knowledge and information to benefit architects who are engaged in, or who are interested in learning more about, custom residential practice


Chair: Open