Year: 2023

San Jose, CA

Vietnamese American Service Center


Marco Zecchin

The Vietnamese American Service Center (VASC) of Santa Clara County is a culturally responsive and
multi-lingual center that services the Vietnamese-speaking residents of the community. The three-story center is organized for differing levels of community and public engagement on each floor. The ground level includes areas for a senior lunch program, social, recreational and educational activities, as well as registration and informational booths offered in many different languages. Health services–with exam and procedure rooms, a dental exam room, and a full-service pharmacy–can be found on the second floor while the third floor has meeting rooms and building support functions. The building itself and the art and imagery within were inspired by Vietnamese heritage and culture. Whether it’s the dragonfly design on the floor of the first level, the traditional conical hat (called a nón lá) theme on the ceiling of the community room, or the bamboo patterns proudly featured in the casework and glass exterior wall, VASC represents Vietnam, inside and out.

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