Year: 2023

San Jose, CA

San Jose City College, Career Education Center


Steinberg Hart

The new 4-story, 90,000 SF Career Education Center serves as a “cloud,” full of information that fosters collaboration among students, the community, and the surrounding industry of Silicon Valley. Strategically located at the vibrant heart of the campus, the new Facility is seamlessly integrated with the renovated B200 Career and Workforce Development Programs, creating a central hub that creates opportunity to connect visually and physically, while also providing more open spaces critical to campus life and student success.

Offering over 200 programs, California’s community colleges are the largest provider of workforce training in the world. Recognizing this fact and embracing the opportunity, the goal of the new building is two-fold: create a flexible program that can accommodate all types of events to bring students in conversation with industry leaders – conferences, career fairs, guest lecturers, etc. – and provide a high-tech incubator campus to draw in industry partners to collaborate on campus.

The aim is to not only to set students up for success with the needed skill-set for in-demand jobs, but to put them in the direct paths of industry contacts to provide the clearest pathway to securing a career after school. Program elements that support these goals include tech-flexible classrooms, 100-person lecture hall, EMS and Medical Assist classrooms, Makerspace, and lab spaces dedicated to Laser and Machine Technology, HVAC & Facilities maintenance, and more.

These elements are interspersed throughout four levels, each with access to ample views and outdoor learning terrace spaces, and conveniently located adjacent to the Workforce Development offices for support, guidance, and mentorship. Whether for daily activities or special events, the new Career Education Center offers an inspiring environment for students and professionals alike.

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