Year: 2023

Davis, CA

Davis Senior High School STEM Building


Jason O'Rear

Public High School STEM Building

Recognizing the need to support interdisciplinary learning and collaboration, Davis SHS prioritized STEM curricula in it’s latest Master Plan. Through a covid era engagement process, the programming and design coalesced around the idea of the importance of things we do together.

The new STEM building will house Science, Art, Technology and CTE learning spaces and is bolstered by a two story, central, interdisciplinary collaboration space.  To create a welcoming and inclusive environment the new STEM building is located at the “front door” to the campus. Fun, colorful graphics draw students in and a focus on making “messy” process visible, keeps them engaged. The multi-modal collaboration spaces functions as lecture space, science fair space, art gallery space and everyday collaboration and socialization space. The butterfly roof over the space bring daylight deep into the building, directs rainwater and controls acoustics. Outdoor spaces support the curricula with “messy” outdoor learning spaces and demonstrative, native learning landscapes.

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