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HOME TOURS DATE: May 2, 2020





Welcome to the 6th Annual AIA Silicon Valley Home Tours, featuring exceptionally-designed residences located within Silicon Valley. Our tour has become a showcased home tour to attend with 2019’s record attendance of 400+ tour goers and outstanding media exposure for each of our homes featured. This is a unique opportunity for you, as a residential architect, to highlight your unique designs and demonstrate how an architect can provide homeowners with a high level of creative and personal solutions. This is an excellent venue to provide the community with insight from an architect’s point of view, see Silicon Valley housing trends, to inspire and be inspired.

The selection criteria will include (but not be limited to):

Completed application

  • Unique design solutions, quality of craftsmanship, innovative use of materials.

  • Sustainable design is not a requirement, but is considered a substantial and significant advantage.

  • Homes should be substantially complete and furnished by March 2020. Preference will be given to houses that are furnished, occupied, and landscaped by the date of submission.
  • 2020 submissions that include an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) are welcomed. Home Tours will include a Plus1House public event to inspire homeowners to create beautiful, useful, and thoughtful ADU projects.

  • Logical feasibility for tour, including (but not limited to):
  • Access to project location. Priority for projects within the Santa Clara County, however residences that fall outside the boundary lines will be considered.
  • Circulation route (how the public will navigate through the space)
  • Available parking
  • Location in relation to the other homes on the tour
  • Signed Owner Agreement

The Home Tours Committee will review the submissions and will visit homes over a one to two day period within two weeks from the close of submissions to determine the recommendations for the Home Tours. These recommendations will be presented to the AIA Silicon Valley Executive Committee for final approval.

Download: Submission Guidelines with Sample Letter to Homeowner + Homeowner Consent Agreement


What makes the AIA Silicon Valley Home Tours different than other home tours?

The Silicon Valley Home Tour was created to showcase the talents of Bay Area residential architects and to educate homeowners about the benefits of working with an architect. Attendees can see the transformation of ordinary living spaces into responsive, tailored, domestic environments using a variety of design solutions.