Emerging Professionals







Mission Statement:
The Emerging Professional Committee (EPC) of the American Institute of Architects, Silicon Valley is a group of young design professionals and architects. As one of the most energetic groups within the AIA, the EPC strives to assist the professional development of our members. The next generation of architects are crucial to the future of AIA. This is why we make every effort to create opportunities for learning.

Activities we provide and sponsorship opportunities include the following:

  • Firm Tours
  • Social Gatherings
  • Mentorship Program
  • Licensing Workshops
  • Construction Tours
  • Participation in local and statewide architecture events.

We believe in leadership training and encourage the next generation of architects to start leading our community by heading committees, organizing events, participating in workshops, or by simply joining our events.  You will be surprised how much more you gain when you give and be actively involved!  We sincerely welcome you to join our committee.



Websites You Should Know About As An AIA Emerging Professional

AEP Council of Advisors
AIA Emerging Professionals Frequently Asked Questions
National Council of Architectural Registration Boards  http://www.ncarb.org/
 Architects Foundation (ARE Scholarships) https://www.architectsfoundation.org/education/