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Open to the public, this self-guided tour is a celebration of residential homes designed by architects. The dwellings featured are cutting edge modern in design, imaginative in the uses and blends of materials, and sensitive to both surrounding neighbors and the environment. Through teamwork, collaboration, and a shared vision, the licensed architects bring their homeowners dreams to reality.



Art House + Courtyard

Palo Alto

A Palo Alto couple was looking for additional living and gathering
space, and a way to display their burgeoning art collection. They jumped at the chance to purchase the adjacent lot. The Art House was built in a way that respects the small scale neighborhood that had come to be their home.


Arbol House

The Arbol House was designed around a desire for copious daylighting balanced with privacy, and large flowing indoor-outdoor spaces for family gatherings and entertaining, and a beloved apple tree in the back.


Junaid Residence
Los Altos Hills

The Junaid Residence merges cutting-edge technology and sustainability
with the experience of living amid nature. The large entrance door opens into a Great Room, where hydraulics can open the north-facing glass wall like an aircraft hangar, extending the living experience outdoors.


Nandell House

Los Altos

Clearly rooted in the modern world, this home has its origins in English Tudor gable forms that satisfy the owner's yearning for a familiar vernacular. Crisply and minimally detailed facades and simple clean landscape design also meet the client's request for a calming environment.



What makes the Silicon Valley Home Tours different than other home tours?


The Silicon Valley Home Tours was created to showcase the talents of Bay Area residential architects with the goal of educating homeowners. On the tour, you will observe first-hand how working with an architect can transform ordinary living spaces into responsive, tailored, domestic environments using a variety of design solutions.

To learn more, please contact the AIA Silicon Valley at 408-298-0611 ext 101 or email